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A group, from the people of Caine ,settled in Asia Minor (now Turkey), Greece and the Aegean Islands and came to be known as the Dananns or Danites.(the root of Danann or Danite is Dan which is an anagram for Caine -.They later became known as the Arcadians or Athenians who was at war with their cousin Atlanteans prior to the Deluge.

The Tuaregs also perform a dance in honour of the Atlantean fire god, Voltan or Votan (Caine)*In my research I again found the name Tyranenians linked to North America through their mining operations. From Tyranena, the traders traveled the Rock River to the Mississippi River and then down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to this, the biblical serpent was often connected with godly knowledge, healing and immortality. The line of Cain went on to produce what we know today as the 'blue blood' lineage, always interbreeding within the Anunnaki families in order to maintain the purity of the hybrid blood status.

The Anunnaki came to earth for the purpose of colonization and mining.

In Year 5 of his reign, the Sea Peoples, including Peleset, Denyen, Shardana, Meshwesh of the sea, and Tjekker, invaded Egypt by land and sea.

Ramesses III defeated them in two great land and sea battles.

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Colonizing Greece were the Pelasgians who worshipped a serpent goddess called Athene or Neith who was depicted as a serpent or goddess covered by snakes.

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