Sexy cam cast

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She's posing her casts on the bed with just lingerie and looking stunning. Next we observe her trying to change outfits and put her shoes on, but she gives up on tying her shoes, which leads to her next accident on the stairs.

Jessica Lynn is taking a shower when her feet slip and she goes flying through the shower curtain right on her arms, breaking them both.

She calls her male friend again, saying she has a surprise, but won't tell him what.

Her arms are bound behind her back with a spreader bar, limiting her reach. Follow Jessica as she does her work around the house in her casts, tries to eat, and finally struggles to get herself up off the floor!

Adara Jordan's first shoot with me and she's getting an SHS! Finally, there's some footage of her modeling a nice long toe wiggling shot. Today, I present you with a gorgeous new model, Adara!

In my ongoing quest to film great application footage, I set up two cameras for this application.

One on my hands, so you can see exactly how the cast is made and one of Jessica's face, so you can see her talking.

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This clip shows all the major steps in making the casts with all the boring stuff cut out.

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