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No matter how terrific the woman you're with is, there are so many other attractive potential partners walking down the street, you're always wondering if you're really with the best option." So apparently, having too many choices leaves us unable to commit to any given one—in toothpaste, romantic partners, or even 401k investment plans. ) But even more disconcerting are the implications of this phenomenon for the information industry.(Consequently, many brokers, like optometrists, have learned to organize client choices into descending layers of preferences: Which of these three? I've already noticed it in myself, and in friends who note that they can't process all the Web sites and bloggers and cable news and opinions out there anymore. On one level, it makes me wonder about the whole "page view" business model, which is driving a "more is more" approach to website content and the online publication industry in general at the moment.More than once I've set out on a shopping mission and realized, after trying on the 12th pair of jeans, shorts, shoes, etc.that I have lost my ability to differentiate or decide.

"You might be lonely in this city," he's told me, "but you rarely have to be alone if you don't want to be, because there are so many smart, attractive, single women here." After thinking about it a bit more, he added, "Of course, that might be part of why so many men struggle with committing to marriage here.On different days, they set up a tasting table of jam, offering each taster a coupon for a dollar off if they bought a jar.On some days, the researchers offered only six types of jam. While the 24-jam display attracted more attention and induced more people to stop and look at the jams, (60 percent of incoming store customers stopped at the larger display, versus 40 percent at the smaller display), the actual sales generated from the displays were an order of magnitude greater at the smaller display (30 percent of those who stopped, versus 3 percent with the larger display)." Swarthmore professor Barry Schwartz noted that this same phenomenon can also be seen in "speed dating" experiments (where subjects are given three or five minutes to "interview" a potential date in a group setting before moving on to the next person).In one experiment, researchers found that more "matches" were made if subjects had eight potential partners to choose from than if they had 20.

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