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Palaeontological dating site

Prints or impressions of a child's feet can be kept as a memento by parents.

Because of its many wetlands, which were haunted by Pleistocene animals during waning years of the Wisconsin glaciation, Orange County, southeastern New York State is a "classic" locality of North American palaeontology.

Known as "ichnites", these trace fossils can give clues to the behaviour of specific species of dinosaur.

The study of such fossils is known as ichnology and the footprints may be given scientific names (ichnospecies).

Footprints have been preserved as fossils and provide evidence of prehistoric life.can help the forensic scientist in cases pertaining to criminal identification.Foot prints have been shown to have determine the height and the sex of the individual.The Peale mastodons were unearthed there in the late 18 century, and these remains, more than any other, awakened natural historians and the American public to the idea of animal and human evolution (Morrison 2001).Since 1780 at least 37 mastodons are reputed to have been discovered within Orange County (Devine n.d.), but in fact as many as 65 sets of remains are known for the county (Gary Keeton, personal communication). It is, however, unique for being the only proboscidean skeleton among them having a strong association with ancient human beings.

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Footprints can be followed when tracking during a hunt or can provide evidence of activities.

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