Adult bootcamps for weightloss

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Adult bootcamps for weightloss

I think this played a large part in my initial weight loss, as my body was and remains very sensitive to simple carbohydrates.I also switched from having three meals per day to seven.Mentally, it was easier to eat more food when my portions were smaller.I don’t believe that mini meals speed up your metabolism or anything like that, but I generally think it is easier for people with damaged metabolisms to consume smaller, more frequent meals.Last week, I showed you what an average day of meals looks like for me.As I said in that post, it’s a far cry from the days where I used to restrict on 1200 calories while doing hours of cardio.I did not track my calories at all, until about three months in when I thought I would add up a random day’s meals just for fun.

Because of my weekend mini-binges, I was slowly gaining fat.At this stage, I still planned to compete in figure but I didn’t know when, so I felt I could relax a little about sculpting the ‘perfect’ physique.Up until this point, I had been following a loose meal plan, with approximate amounts of protein and fats throughout the day as well as carbohydrates pre- and post-workout only.I didn’t count calories or macros, but I kept a rough idea of what I was hitting in the back of my mind.My body was far from perfect, but I chose to prioritise health instead of aesthetics.

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In this post, Phil Learney even states that those with an impaired insulin response should avoid cheat meals altogether.