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A large, two-volume, richly illustrated work, Liberia, by Sir Harry Johnston, appeared in 1906.

It is urged that manuscript be submitted in final form; the editors will exercise due care in seeing that copy is followed. — Fifty reprints without covers will be furnished gratis to authors of scientific papers. Remittances should be made payable to "Washington Academy of Sciences" and addressed to 450 Ahnaip Street, Menasha, Wis., or to the Treasurer, H. The first president of the Society, elected in January, 1817, was Jus- tice Bushrod Washington of the Supreme Court, a nephew of George Washington. Crawford of Georgia, and several other eminent statesmen were elected as vice- presidents. Although these men have not figured in histories of the anti- slavery movement, they appear to have given the first scientific attention to African slavery as a racial problem, before the Jan. This stage, in which they are slender, widely separated strips of bone, is passed Figs. — Pseudis paradoxal 1, Larva (148 mm, head-body 54 mm, hindlegs minute), dorsal view of cranium, stippled parts cartilage; 2, neo- tenic larva (188 mm, head-body 64 mm, legs large); 3, transforming (140 mm, head-body 44 mm, hindlegs large, one foreleg out); 4, adult head-body 53 mm). BOTANICAL FORERUNNERS OF COLONIZATION Two tropical botanists of the eighteenth century, Aublet and Smeathman, were pre- sented in this Journal, July 15, 1940, as pioneers against slavery. peltatum, the in- florescence is pilosulous or villosulous with shorter hairs containing much purplish color- 2 Bull. These rings cor- respond with the edges of Parker's "fron- tals" and "parietals," but they indicate only convexities, not separation. Extending forward and 152 JOURNAL OF THE WASHINGTON ACADEMY OF SCIENCES VOL. 5 back they reach the ethmoid cartilage and synotic tectum, partly overlapping each. ru S JOURNAL OF THE WASHINGTON ACADEMY OF SCIENCES VOLUME 32, 1942 \ 62 Raymond J. Isbell CHEMICAL SOCIETY PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE WASHINGTON ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 450 Ahnaip St. Smeathman has distinction among entomologists for first describing the specialized castes and Jan. AFRICAN COLONIZATION social habits of the African termites, a study that may have conduced to interest in hu- man adjustments. John Fothergill and his friends, Smeathman was engaged in 1771 to spend three years in- vestigating "the natural history and prod- ucts of Spain and the West Coast of Africa." Fox states that Smeathman went later to the West Indies, and Smeathman says: "My stay in the West Indies was with a view to inform myself of tropical cultiva- tion, previous to my return to Africa." The range of scientific interest in the Fothergill coterie was remarkable. Seeger GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY BOARD OF EDITORS G. at Me nash a, Wisconsin ACTUAL DATES OF PUBLICATION, VOLUME 32 No. The date of Smeathman's exploration given in the recently published Flora of West Tropical Africa, by Hutchin- son and Dalziel, is several years too late. One of Fothergh Ts friends was Peter Collinson, known to American botanists for supporting the ex- plorations of the Bartrams.

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Illustrations in excess of the equivalent (in cost) of two full-page line drawings are to be paid for by the author. — In order to facilitate prompt publication one proof will generally be sent to authors in or near Washington. The interest of Washington and Jefferson eventuated in the formation of the American Colonization Society, in December, 1816.

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